Dress Code

Parents and high school students, please read the following Formal Dress code if prom is in your future. As Prom nears, please make sure all attire follows these guidelines. Thank You!! 

Formal and Semi-Formal Event Dress Code

Students may observe the following exceptions to the daily dress code when attending events that require more formal attire. These events may be Tip-Off dances, Barnwarming dances, Homecoming dances, Proms, Graduations, 8th Grade Promotions, and other school sponsored formal and semi-formal events.


1.      Length – Dresses must not be excessively short and slits must not be higher than the length of an average pair of shorts.

2.      Neckline – Low-cut necklines that show an excessive amount of chest area will not be permitted.

3.      Back – Dresses may show the back area, but should not be cut lower that the waistline.

4.      Midriff – No navels should show. Tops should extend at least 3 inches below the bra line. No more than 3 inches of midriff should show at any time.

5.      Cut Outs – Cut outs, showing bare skin, are only permitted in the areas that are mentioned above for midriffs and backs. No undergarments should show at any time.

Jeans, Tuxes, and Suits


Clean, nice jeans are acceptable at Tip-Off Dances, Homecoming Dances, and Barnwarming dances. Jeans should be worn with a clean polo or button-up shirt.


Suits are acceptable for any formal or semi-formal event. Suits are permitted at prom if worn with a shirt and tie.


Tuxes are usually worn at prom only, but are not required.